The Speed Report

Which news website is the fastest?

Legible News periodically runs Google PageSpeed Insight audits on news websites to rank which one is the fastest.

WebsitePage speed score
Higher score is faster
Legible News100🟢
Financial Times87🟡
Google News81🟡
India Times75🟡
The Guardian65🟡
Associated Press64🟡
Deutsche Welle64🟡
CBS News64🟡
Al Jazeera62🟡
USA Today61🟡
New York Times57🟡
Washington Post56🟡
Fox News55🟡
CBC News53🟡
BBC News52🟡
LA Times47🔴
Daily Mail45🔴
NPR News44🔴
Drudge Report42🔴
ABC News41🔴
Wall Street Journal34🔴

Read more about why Legible News is so fast compared to major news websites and the methodology used for the rankings.

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