Google News Speed Report

Overall speed score of 62 out of 100. That's not great.

Google News is a news aggregator service developed by Google. It presents a continuous flow of links to articles organized from thousands of publishers and magazines. Google News is available as an app on Android, iOS, and the Web.

Google released a beta version in September 2002 and the official app in January 2006. The initial idea was developed by Krishna Bharat.

The service has been described as the world’s largest news aggregator. In 2020, Google announced they would be spending US$1 billion to work with publishers to create Showcases.

Speed report

Total Blocking Time1.70 seconds0🔴
Time it takes for a page to start working after it loads
Cumulative Layout Shift0.03100🟢
How much stuff moves around on a page after it loads
First Contentful Paint0.89 seconds91🟢
Time it takes for first piece of content to appear on a page
Speed Index1.62 seconds78🟡
Time it takes for a page to be visibly loaded
Largest Contenful Paint1.09 seconds92🟢
Time it takes for most of the content to appear on a page
Interactive3.56 seconds69🟡
Time it takes for links, buttons, and interactive features to begin working on a page

This report was run on June 25, 2022 against

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