February 27, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Two people are killed during protests amid a nationwide strike in Conakry, Guinea. (Reuters)

Disasters and accidents

The Smokehouse Creek Fire in the Texas panhandle continues to spread, with almost 200,000 acres igniting. (CNN)

Law and crime

In the Netherlands, the Marengo trial concludes after six years. Of the 17 prosecuted people, three are sentenced to life imprisonment, including Ridouan Taghi and Saïd Razzouki, over their role in ten murders. (NOS)

The identity of a deceased person is confirmed as Satoshi Kirishima after DNA comparison with his relatives. Police are investigating if he had help on hiding or not. (BBC News)

Politics and elections

2024 Republican Party presidential primaries, 2024 Democratic Party presidential primaries

Republican and Democratic primaries are held in Michigan, United States. (VOA)

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