April 13, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Iran-Israel War

Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus

The Netherlands announces that their embassy in Tehran will close on Sunday. (Al Arabiya)

United States intelligence reports Iran moving drones and missiles internally ahead of a potential attack. (The Jerusalem Post)

Australian airline Qantas pauses its non-stop Perth-London route due to the expected Iranian attack against Israel. (The Guardian)

2024 Iranian strikes against Israel

Iran launches 400 to 500 drones and cruise missiles at Israel from Iran, Iraq, Syria, southern Lebanon, and Yemen. (ABC News)

Iranian seizure of the MCS Aries

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims Pervomaiske near Donetsk was captured by Russian troops. (Barron's)

Death of Benjamin Achimeir

Violence between Israeli settlers and Palestinians occurs in the West Bank after missing Jewish teenager Benjamin Achimeir is found dead. (BBC)

War in Sudan (2023–present)

An offensive by the Rapid Support Forces begins in El Fasher. (Sudan Tribune)

Insurgency in Balochistan

Gunmen abduct and kill nine people from a bus in Nushki District, Balochistan, Pakistan. All victims, whose bodies were found under a bridge, appear to have been shot at close range. (Reuters)

Law and crime

2024 Bondi Junction stabbings

Six people are killed and seven more are injured during a mass stabbing at a shopping center in Sydney, Australia. The perpetrator is shot and killed by police. (The Guardian) (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Politics and elections

2024 Cook by-election

Simon Kennedy of the Liberal Party of Australia wins the by-election in the seat of Cook, succeeding former Prime Minister Scott Morrison. (ABC News Australia)

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