September 27, 2022

Armed conflicts and attacks

Russo-Ukrainian War

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

2022 Russian mobilization

Kazakhstan says that around 98,000 Russian civilians have entered the country by land and air since Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered a military mobilization. (HuffPost)

Latvia announces a state of emergency over the influx of Russian citizens fleeing mobilization. Special measures are taken in the border regions of the country and at all ports of entry. (ERR)

2022 Nord Stream gas leaks

Three separate spills are detected in the Baltic Sea following explosions in the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines in what appear to be acts of sabotage. (Euronews)

Terrorism in Norway

Norway raises its "emergency preparedness" in response to sightings of "unidentified drones" near its offshore oil and gas facilities in the North Sea, and is coordinating with its armed forces, police, and oil and gas industry operators, according to energy minister Terje Aasland. (S&P Global)

Business and economy

Baltic Pipe

Leaders from Poland, Norway and Denmark hold a ceremony to open the Baltic Pipe natural gas pipeline that will transport natural gas from the Norwegian shelf via Denmark to Poland. (Euronews)

Disasters and accidents

Two people are killed in a fire at a PKN Orlen plant in Płock, Poland. (Euronews)

2022 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Western Cuba as a Category 3 hurricane. Residents of the Tampa Bay area of Florida, United States, are ordered to evacuate. (Washington Post) (Reuters)

Health and environment

The Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo formally declares an end to the country's latest outbreak of Ebola. (Reuters)

International relations

Afghanistan–Russia relations

Russia and the Taliban sign a provisional deal for Russia to supply Afghanistan with gasoline, diesel, gas and wheat. (Reuters)

Politics and elections

2022 annexation referendums in Russian-occupied Ukraine

According to the results released by Russian occupation authorities in Ukraine, the Donetsk People's Republic, the Luhansk People's Republic, as well as occupied parts of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson Oblasts overwhelmingly vote in favor of annexation, with 99.23%, 98.42%, 93.11% and 87.05% of support, respectively. Turnout exceeded 75% in each region and exceeded 97% in Donetsk Oblast. However, the voting has been widely dismissed as a sham referendum. (RIA Novosti) (AP)

Valentina Matviyenko, Speaker of the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, expects the annexation to be formalised by October 4. (Reuters)

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