July 17, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Israel–Hamas war

Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip

At least 42 Palestinians are killed and over 70 are wounded by Israeli strikes on a United Nations-run school in central Nuseirat refugee camp and on a designated "safe zone" in al-Mawasi, Rafah. (Al Jazeera)

2024 Bangladesh quota reform movement

Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at students and professors occupying Dhaka University in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to protest against the ruling Awami League party and its government job quotas. (Al Jazeera) (CBC Canada)

Arts and culture

Archaeologists unearth remains of a medieval papal palace in the square outside the Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran in Rome, Italy. (Reuters)

Business and economy

The European Union General Court dismisses ByteDance's lawsuit against the European Commission's designation of the company as a "gatekeeper" under the Digital Markets Act, citing ByteDance's significant global market value. (Bernama)

Disasters and accidents

At least sixteen people are killed in Belarus after a storm damages 330 cities and villages, knocking out electricity and water in many of them. (AP) (ABC News)

At least six people die as a result of a fire at a shopping center in southwest China. (Reuters)

A Comoros-flagged oil tanker capsizes off the coast of Oman. The Indian Navy rescues nine crewmembers, with seven more missing. (AP)

2024 Atlantic hurricane season

Effects of Hurricane Beryl in Texas

The confirmed death toll of Hurricane Beryl in Texas rises to eighteen, with several deaths in the Greater Houston caused by heat illness due to prolonged power outages in the midst of a heat wave. (NPR)

Politics and elections

Joe Biden is diagnosed with COVID-19 and temporarily puts his re-election campaign on hiatus to rest at home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. (CNN)

International relations

Germany–Ukraine relations, Military aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War

Germany issues plans to halve its military aid to Ukraine in 2025 compared to 2024. (Reuters)

Law and crime

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez announces measures to halt the spread of fake news and harmful content in all forms of media, which the People's Party claims is an act to censor and control critical media. (Reuters)

Eugenics in Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida formally apologizes to 130 victims of forced sterilization under the Eugenics Protection Law rendered unconstitutional on 3 July, and approves compensation measures for at least 25,000 affected victims or their relatives. (NHK)

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