May 22, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Sweden announces $7 billion in military aid to Ukraine for 2024–2026. (Bloomberg)

International relations

International recognition of the State of Palestine

Norway–Palestine relations, Ireland–Palestine relations, Palestine–Spain relations

The governments of Norway, Ireland, and Spain announce they will recognise the State of Palestine as a sovereign state starting 28 May, calling for a two-state solution. In response, Israel recalls its ambassadors to these countries. (BBC News)

Russia–NATO relations, Borders of Russia

Estonia–Russia border, Finland–Russia border, Latvia–Russia border, Lithuania–Russia border

The Russian Ministry of Defence proposes to unilaterally adjust Russia's maritime border in the Baltic Sea, before later deleting it. (Reuters)

Baltic members of NATO react with concern to the Russian border adjustment proposal; Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabrielius Landsbergis refers to the proposal as "an obvious escalation against NATO and the EU and must be met with an appropriately firm response", while Prime Minister of Finland Petteri Orpo states that the Finnish government is monitoring the situation. (BBC News)

Law and crime

2024 Bishkek riots

The Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs announces that ten people, six Kyrgyz nationals and four foreigners, have been detained in connection with violent riots in Bishkek the previous week. (RFE/RL)

Politics and elections

United States President Joe Biden announces a student loan debt cancellation of $7.7 billion for 160,000 people. (Al Jazeera)

German far-right party Alternative for Germany bans Maximilian Krah, its leading candidate in European elections, from further activities due to his comments defending members of the Schutzstaffel. (Al Jazeera)

2024 Chadian presidential election

2024 United Kingdom general election

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announces the next general election will be held on 4 July. (CNN)

2024 Vietnamese presidential election

Vietnam's security minister, General Tô Lâm, is elected President by the National Assembly, two months after the resignation of Võ Văn Thưởng amidst the ruling Communist Party's anti-corruption campaign. (DW)

Science and technology

Russia launches a Soyuz-2 rocket carrying the Kosmos 2576 satellite from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome launch site in Arkhangelsk Oblast. (Al Jazeera)

The United Nations Security Council votes against a resolution introduced by Russia and China banning member states from placing weapons in outer space. (


2024 UEFA Europa League final

Atalanta win the Europa League Final over Bayer Leverkusen by a score of 3–0, ending the latter's record-long unbeaten streak at 51 matches. (The Guardian)

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