June 20, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Russian invasion of Ukraine

United States and the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine is prioritized as first among the list of countries to receive ordered deliveries of MIM-104 Patriot missile systems from the United States. (CNN)

United States officials announce they will allow Ukraine to use US weapons to strike Russian forces anywhere inside Russia, removing the prior limit of strikes only across the Kharkiv front. (Politico)

Sudanese civil war

The Rapid Support Forces captures Al-Fulah, the capital of West Kordofan, Sudan, after the Sudanese Armed Forces withdraw from the city after several hours of fighting. (Al Jazeera)

Arts and culture

The Israel Antiquities Authority announces the discovery of a 3,300-year-old ship and its cargo, one of the oldest known examples of a ship sailing far from land. The ship was discovered last year by a company drilling for natural gas off the coast of Northern Israel. (NBC News)

Disasters and accidents

At least two people are killed and nine others are injured when a train full of passengers collides with another train on a test run outside Santiago, Chile. (AP)

A cruise ship rescues 68 migrants and finds five bodies in a wooden dinghy that was drifting off the Canary Islands, Spain. (ABC News)

Kuwait announces temporary power cuts in parts of the country during peak consumption hours, saying it is struggling to meet increased demand spurred by extreme summer heat. (Al Arabiya)

2024 Hajj disaster

At least 1,081 pilgrims are now confirmed to have died from heat-related causes during the Hajj in Saudi Arabia. (France 24)

2024 Tamil Nadu alcohol poisonings

At least 36 people are killed and more than 60 are being treated in hospitals after consuming tainted liquor in Tamil Nadu, India. (Reuters)

International relations

Outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is announced as the next Secretary General of NATO, beginning his term on October 2. (Politico)

Law and crime

Two Just Stop Oil activists film themselves using an angle grinder to cut through a metal fence, then spraying orange paint over two private jets at Stansted Airport in Essex, United Kingdom. Police arrest them for criminal damage at the scene. (BBC News)

A Pakistani man accused of desecrating the Quran was slain and burned by a mob that removed him from a police station where he had been detained for his protection. (Al Arabiya)

Science and technology

The International Union for Conservation of Nature announces that the Iberian lynx has been upgraded from being an endangered species to vulnerable for the first time since 1986, after the 2023 census showed a population of 2,021 specimens. (BBC News)

Vandalism of Stonehenge

The orange powder paint sprayed on Stonehenge by Just Stop Oil activists yesterday is removed with a "specialist handheld blower", leaving no visible damage. (BBC News)


Anti-Serb sentiment

Serbia threatens to withdraw from UEFA Euro 2024 if UEFA does not punish Croatia and Albania after their supporters chant "kill, kill, kill the Serb" during a match. (Sky News)

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