First Contentful Paint

Time it takes for first piece of content to appear on a page

After you enter the web address of a news website in your browser and hit enter, it starts downloading the page and displaying it in your browser in a process knowing as rendering. First content paint is when you see the first thing on the screen—it doesn’t necessarily mean the page has fully loaded though.

News websites with a lot of advertisements, images, videos, scripts, and complicated layouts make your browser do more work, which means you spend more time waiting for something to appear on screen instead of reading the news.

Web develoeprs can improve this metric when they simplify their layouts or delay loading images, videos, etc. when the page initially loads.

Legible News keeps the First Contentful Paint fast by keeping the page layout very simple and not displaying ads, images, or videos.

Read Google's technical explanation of the First Contentful Paint audit.

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