March 29, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine campaign

The Telegraph reports Russia has captured approximately 195 square miles (510 km2) and is taking around 1,000 casualties per day since the start of the Second Russian winter campaign in October 2023. (The Telegraph)

Israel–Hezbollah conflict, Iran–Israel conflict during the Syrian civil war

An Israeli airstrike targeting Aleppo International Airport in Syria kills 38 Syrian soldiers, seven Hezbollah fighters and seven Iran-backed militiamen. The incident marks the deadliest Israeli attack on Syria since 2021. (SOHR)

Arts and culture

Harvard University removes the binding of human skin from the 19th-century book Des destinées de l'âme by Arsène Houssaye, which has been kept in its library since 1934. (BBC News)