March 24, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Three gunmen attack the police headquarters in Yerevan, Armenia. Two of the attackers are injured by their grenades, all three gunmen are detained. No casualties are reported. (Reuters)

Russian invasion of Ukraine

March 2024 Polish airspace violation

A Russian cruise missile violates NATO airspace over Poland, prompting the activation of aircraft from the Polish Air Force. (Reuters) (Sky News)

Russian strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure

Russia launches major airstrikes on Kyiv and Lviv in Western Ukraine using Kinzhal hypersonic missiles and drones with strikes damaging ground level infrastructure at Ukraine's main gas storage site. (Reuters)

Nigerian bandit conflict

Kuriga kidnapping

The pupils kidnapped on March 7 from schools in Kuriga, Chikun, Kaduna State, are freed. (BBC News)

2024 Ecuadorian conflict

Brigitte García, the youngest mayor in Ecuador, and one of her advisors are found shot dead in Manabí Province, western Ecuador. (Reuters)

Crocus City Hall attack

Four Tajik men are charged with terrorism. They are brought to Basmanny District court in Moscow, where they are ordered to be held in pre-trial detention until at least May 22. (BBC)

Salvadoran gang crackdown

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele announces the beginning of a blockade of four municipalities in northern El Salvador, mobilizing 5,000 soldiers and 1,000 police officers to arrest suspected gang members. (El Mundo)

Disasters and accidents

Twenty-three people are killed in a rainstorm in Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro states, Brazil. (ABC News)

A rally car veers off the road and crashes into a group of spectators during the Esztergom-Nyerges Rally between the towns of Lábatlan and Bajót in northwest Hungary, killing four people and injuring eight others. (AP)

2024 East Sepik earthquake

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake has hit a remote part of western Papua New Guinea, killing five people and causing extensive damage to around 1,000 homes. (VOA)