March 21, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine campaign

The Russian Ministry of Defence announces that its forces have captured the Ukrainian village of Tonenke in Donetsk Oblast. (Al Arabiya)

Kyiv strikes

Russia launches a massive attack on Kyiv and the surrounding region with ballistic and cruise missiles, injuring at least 17 people. (CNN)

Mykolaiv strikes

At least one civilian is killed and four others are injured in a Russian ballistic missile attack on Mykolaiv, Ukraine. (Reuters)

Islamic State–Taliban conflict

2024 Kandahar New Kabul Bank bombing

A suicide bomber kills 21 people and injures 50+ at a New Kabul Bank in Kandahar, Afghanistan. ISIS-K claims responsibility. (TOLO News)

Spillover of the Israel–Hamas war

Disasters and accidents

A capsized boat carrying Rohingya refugees is found off the coast of Aceh, Indonesia, with 69 refugees rescued. (NOS)

The death toll of the capsized South Korean-flagged tanker Keoyoung Sun increases to nine with one person still missing. (Reuters)