February 6, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

The Greek island of Aegina is left without drinking water after an explosion disables a 12-kilometer-long (7.5-mile) undersea fresh water pipeline. Greater Athens governor Nikos Hardalias calls it an act of sabotage. (AP)

DHKP/C insurgency in Turkey

2024 Istanbul Palace of Justice shooting

Two Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front shooters open fire outside the Istanbul Justice Palace in Turkey, killing one person and injuring five others, before being killed in a shootout with police. (Al Jazeera)

Somali civil war

2024 Mogadishu market bombing

Ten people are killed and about 20 others are injured in a quadruple bombing at a market in Mogadishu, Somalia. (Al Jazeera)

Business and economy

The Dutch owner of Yandex, a Russian multinational technology company and search engine, announces the sale of the company to a "fully Russian-owned entity" for 475 billion rubles (US$5.2 billion). (BBC News)