February 1, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Israel–Hamas war

A gunman takes seven hostages at a factory owned by U.S. company Procter & Gamble in Gebze, Kocaeli Province, Turkey, in an apparent protest against the war in Gaza. The perpetrator is later arrested unharmed and all the hostages are freed. (The Guardian)

Spillover of the Israel–Hamas war

Attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq, Jordan, and Syria

Tower 22 drone attack

According to U.S. officials, plans have been approved for multi-day strikes in Iraq and Syria against multiple targets, including Iranian personnel and facilities. (Reuters)

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Business and economy

Humanitarian aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War, Ukraine–European Union relations

The European Union formally approves a 50 billion financial support package for Ukraine after Hungary withdraws its veto. The package is expected to help the Ukrainian government cover some costs of pensions and salaries over the next four years with the first funds being released in March. (BBC News) (The Economist)