April 2, 2024

Armed conflicts and attacks

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Attacks in Russia during the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine launches airstrikes more than 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) inside Russia, targeting an oil refinery and the dormitory of a factory producing Iranian-designed Shahed drones in Yelabuga, Tatarstan. Several people are injured. (The Guardian) (Al Jazeera)

Dnipro strikes

Eighteen people, including five children, are injured in a Russian missile strike in Dnipro, Ukraine. (Reuters)

Iran–Israel conflict during the Syrian civil war

Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus

Iran's Supreme National Security Council says that it has decided on a response to the Israeli attack on its diplomatic facilities in Damascus, Syria, which killed several high-ranking members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. (The Guardian)

Ethnic violence in South Sudan

Armed youths belonging to the Murle people attack a village in Greater Pibor Administrative Area, South Sudan, killing 12 people and injuring 10 others, with 15 children reported missing. Most of the victims were elderly residents. (Reuters)

Disasters and accidents

Gayrettepe nightclub fire

Twenty-nine people are killed and eight others are injured in a fire at a nightclub under renovation in Istanbul, Turkey. (Reuters)